The Revival of the Machine magazine asked Ehinger Kraftrad if they might feature the Snowracer in their next issue.
Uwe Ehinger built the Motocycle as a tribute to 1930s hillclimbing machines. This bike’s colour is white, black and gold with just a little red. 
The first idea was to produce a black and white story for the magazine. 
Then we decided to stage the bike in a comic environment, influenced by Frank Millers graphic novels like Sin City. 
Illustrator Javier Fernandez added his very personal touch to it and created a story around this bike.

Client: Revival of the Machine
Projekt: Ehinger Kraftrad Snowracer
AD: Johannes Wilkens, Studio Oeding
CD: Katrin Oeding, Studio Oeding
Illustration: Javier Fernadez, Studio Oeding