Jeans for Refugees is an artistic fundraising initiative by LA-based Artist Johny Dar, dedicated to helping refugees around the world, with all proceeds going to the International Rescue Committee.  One hundred celebrities are participating in "Jeans For Refugees' by donating a pair of their jeans to be painted by Johny Dar. Each pair of jeans will be painted and auctioned online.

When asked to support the Jeans for Refugees initiative, we were immediately hooked by the idea of bringing together fashion, art and celebrities für a good course. So we thought about how to contribute to the project the best way possible. And we came up with an idea as simple as powerful: to picture refugees wearing the jeans donated by famous celebrities and painted by Johny Dar  and to give them a voice by wearing T-Shirts displaying their own thoughts.

Ali, Elia, Jonah and Jasem agreed to join. They’re refugees from Iran and Afghanistan who currently live in Hamburg/Germany and who are also participants of Bernd’s photograph class at the AGIJ, a project für intercultural youth works.


They told us of their thoughts and feelings about being strangers in a foreign country – and made clear what is really important to them. We put their words into bold messages which we painted on the T-Shirts for the photoshoot. During the whole project the guys impressed us with their helpful and positive attitude – and their deep desire to make this world a better and more peaceful place.

We feel happy and thankful to be part of this great project. And we hope the messages of Ali, Elia, Jonah and Jasem will reach as many people as possible.

Creative Director Art: Alexandra Westphal
Creative Director Copy: Michael Benzinger
Photo Assistant: Lars Hering
Postproduction: RAW Kitchen
Jeans painted by Johny Dar
Models: Ali, Elia, Jonah, Jasem